Counting the days…

until all of the stuff MK bought at CHA makes its way to the store. Thanks to my swift [yes swift] feet and quick move to the BG booth, our rep got this email straight from the BG folks

has one of the very best and first wristbands so we shouldn’t be starting before too long.

Right On!

In the meantime, I thought I would share some more photos from the Maya Road booth. I’m not usually one who’s into altering and working with chipboard, but after seeing this booth I may be converted.


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2 responses to “Counting the days…

  1. Becky

    Good things happen for the girl who hustles, they get the first shipment of BG! And I got the first hug of the day as a bi-product, see everyone wins!!!!B-

  2. Heather

    man, i really sucked in february, didn’t i? of course, i had the unfortunate luck of standing at the door guarded by an IDIOT. ugh

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