A bloggie break…

2500 and counting students
+ 60 Learning sites
+ 30 teachers and countless paraprofessionals
+ 2 web-based curriculum platforms
+ 71 courses x 60 sections for each course
+ new authorizing district
+ new student information system

= 12 hour days and weekend work for me for the next few weeks.

Not that I’m doing all of the work myself, but we are thin, thin, thin on the administration side so there’s only a few folks doing a lot of work to get things off to a smooth start tomorrow.

It will probably be after Labor Day before you see this blog return to lists, videos and the randomness that you usually see.

A special thanks to all who helped my birthday extra special, including mom who sent evidence that ‘she does read my blog’. 🙂


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5 responses to “A bloggie break…

  1. ducky

    ooh way to go mom!!

  2. Rachel Carlson

    WOW, you are busy! i feel terrible now. we are still in a holding pattern for the dog thing, will know more tomorrow. and STILL i have bday gifties for you – argh! hang in there c and HUGE hugs!

  3. Emily Pitts

    oy! good luck with that then…

  4. Becky

    Such a hectic schedule, hang in there chica!!!Can’t wait, get to see you all in just a few short weeks!!!B-

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