In the know…

or not so much, I admit that I heard Sarah Palin was on the Republican list for VP and immediately dismissed the idea as internet rumors. The announcement on Friday had folks swinging into my cube and wanting to chat. I was in just as much shock as everyone, at least I knew who she was and who she is not.

I’ve spent a lot of the weekend thinking about her, scoured the Internet for a chart comparing her side by side with Hillary to post here. A little disappointed, I couldn’t find one. But then maybe that’s because other than having a vagina and a being politicians there is nothing in common. My skeptic self wonders what kind of skeletons do the other republican women have in their closets? Surely there must be one that has traveled more, has more experience than running a tiny town, anything beyond what Sarah has done. Someone who knew what the VP was supposed to do before being placed on a list. Someone who could break the glass ceiling and really know what to do with the power when they do…

A good pick for O’Bama and Biden for sure, after all if those two can’t beat this republican ticket the democrats will have some serious thinking to do about the future of the party.


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2 responses to “In the know…

  1. Mary Kay

    I heard some nutjob on the radio celebrating her nomination, saying that when he heard rumors he thought, “They’ll never nominate someone from all the way up in Alaska with so little experience…” but that when they did he was delighted because she’s a “true conservative” (implying, I guess, that McCain’s a fake conservative).Anyway, the stuff that’s broken in the days since the announcement must have McCain ready to crawl under a rock. Jon made the point that the problem with McCain, who is otherwise a pretty reasonable Republican choice, is that he seems to be letting other people make all his decisions– never a good quality in a President. (Unless said President is an idiot and incapable of making good decisions– not naming any names.)

  2. Heather

    amen. and ROFLOL at MK. love you two!

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