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Walk with a Purpose

I love this picture of Connor, so typical of a toddler on a mission. and what’s not to love about this harvest moon paper from Pink Paislee. {hello!} a scalloped circle and polka dots = scrappy heaven for me. It’s a little hard to tell from the scan, but the epoxy letter are brown polka dot too, these were a freebie I wish I could get my hands on more.

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On the Move

Sienna is just starting to hit her crawling groove. This was one of her first experiences playing in the grass and she had a ball. Here’s a quick peek at the layout I did for the store blog this weekend.
I love this polka dot and scalloped edged paper from Pink Paislee, perfect for my little chica. I thought the bazzil swiss dot was the perfect compliment.

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10 on Tuesday

I have a little problem and I know some of you share the same, we just can’t say ‘No’ when faced with a problem or see something that needs to be done. In searching for something else in Internet land, I came across this list of ways to say No. I think I might need to laminate it and pull it out when needed.

1. I’m in the middle of several projects

2.I ‘m not comfortable with that.

3. I’m not taking on any new responsibilities (I don’t know about you, but this would not go over well at my work.)

4. I’m not the most qualified person for the job.

5. I hate to split my attention among projects

6. I have another commitment.

7. I need to focus more on my personal life. (while this may be true I can’t ever imagine using this one)

8. I need to focus on my career right now.

9. I would rather decline than do a mediocre job.

10. NO

You can see more of the list, and get other helpful organizing tips here.


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Video Thursday…the Early Edition

ok I know it’s not Thursday, but once I saw this little gem I had to post right away. For those of you(like me) who fall asleep long before SNL hits the airwaves, here’s a little Monday treat.


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Ducky finds the best stuff

How she does she do it? How can you resist a reincarnation placement exam… I know you will all be *shocked* at my placement.

Your result for Reincarnation Placement Exam…

Middle-class America

43% Intrigue, 76% Civilization, 59% Urbanization, 41% Hedonism, 60% Spirituality, 33% Romance.

You were a little difficult to place, but there is a civilization for you. And it comes with all the cable TV a working class hero can eat.

Your answers indicate that you’re interested in a peaceful and civilized existence. You like the benefits of civilization and you’re willing to pull your own weight, so you will do well in an urban setting. What made your placement difficult for us is this: You seem to be quite fond of humanity as a whole, but you don’t necessarily like to deal with them as individuals — you know, you’re not really a people-person. But that’s okay! There’s an entire civilization set up for working together, and then cocooning into little households at the end of the day. It’s called… America.

Well… You’re in for a pleasant and predictable life. No adventure for you! Join a union and a bowling league. Enjoy your nuclear family, and give my regards to Norman Rockwell.

Take Reincarnation Placement Exam at HelloQuizzy

I’m a little disappointed I won’t be leading a more adventurous life when I come back around.


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10 on Tuesday

I love this time of year as fall slowly makes it’s way in and summer and her ugly temperatures move along. As much as I love fall, I often look on the backside of summer with some regrets of the summer things I didn’t get to do.

1. No roadtrips to mountains or other Colorado destinations
2. Didn’t visit Alaska
3. Not enough trips to the dog park at Chatfield
4. Didn’t go to any concerts at Red Rocks
5. Didn’t eat enough fresh in season fruit (with the exception of Cherries, I ate too many on a couple of occasions)
6. Didn’t get a chance to go to farmer’s and open air markets
7. Missed lottery for O’Bama tickets
8. Never went to the pool (but I did get a key this year which is better than last so some progress was made)
9. Only got 1 pedicure (I realize that this activity doesn’t have to be limited to summer, but in thew winter I don’t see my toes enough)
10. Missed the Chatfield ball on festival for the 2nd year. (I know a couple of you make this an annual event, so I’m putting you in charge of making sure I don’t miss it next year.)

Et tu? What did you miss out on this summer…


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How about a few pages…

Not necessarily new layouts, and many have been posted different places at some point. Since not everyone visits everyplace and it’s been a LONG while since I posted anything crafty I thought it would be a good idea and something easy to help me get my blog groove back.

This one is from way back on the fourth of July, I love the way the title turned out and what’s not to love about teal polkadots.These photos are a few months old, but were perfect for this new paper from October Afternoon. Yummy!

I think this is one of my all time fav pics of Sienna (granted she’s only 9 months old, but…)
New paper from Scenic Route…

and finally to prove that I don’t just scrap kiddos…

Have a great week!


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