10 on Tuesday

I have a little problem and I know some of you share the same, we just can’t say ‘No’ when faced with a problem or see something that needs to be done. In searching for something else in Internet land, I came across this list of ways to say No. I think I might need to laminate it and pull it out when needed.

1. I’m in the middle of several projects

2.I ‘m not comfortable with that.

3. I’m not taking on any new responsibilities (I don’t know about you, but this would not go over well at my work.)

4. I’m not the most qualified person for the job.

5. I hate to split my attention among projects

6. I have another commitment.

7. I need to focus more on my personal life. (while this may be true I can’t ever imagine using this one)

8. I need to focus on my career right now.

9. I would rather decline than do a mediocre job.

10. NO

You can see more of the list, and get other helpful organizing tips here.


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4 responses to “10 on Tuesday

  1. Becky

    That is a great list!Being the parents of teenagers, I have learned many ways to say no, so if you are looking for a more creative way to express yourself, drop me a note ;o)B-

  2. Heather

    LOL! What is this word….no?… that you speak of?? 😉

  3. Tara Whalen

    I was just thinking about this last night! I totally need to rethink all my responsibilities right now.Thanks

  4. ducky

    “I’m going to be sick that day.””but I haven’t told you which day yet.”

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