10 on Tuesday

I decided to tag along with Shelley on a business trip to NYC in a couple of weeks. Here’s what’s on the agenda so far

1. Sleep in…hooray for comfy hotel beds
2. Visit the MET
3. Visit the museum at FIT
4. Visit the MOMA
5. Drool over lenses in person at B&H Photo
6. Take the Sex and The City tour (cheesy I know)
7. Take in a Broadway musical
8. Enjoy the fall colors in Central Park
9. Window shop in the High End shops on 5th Ave.
10. Get lost in Macys

Any tips for a fall trip?


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5 responses to “10 on Tuesday

  1. Rachel Carlson

    i’m so happy you are doing this! ah, the MoMa – you lucky, lucky girl, i’m envious in a good way. this is going to be an amazing experience for you. don’t forget to visit the MoMa store, i hear it’s great! SITC tour, hmmmm, yep cheese factor but cool, take LOADS of photos too! hugs, rach tips: dress warm!

  2. Rachel Carlson

    OH, did i mention that they have the van gogh and the colors of the night exhibit on tap for you at MoMA??? and did i mention how envious i am that you are going to the freakin’ MoMA, seriously it’s a dream of mine and rich too. hugs, rach

  3. Tara Whalen

    Sounds fabulous! I love NYC! Enjoy.

  4. Heather

    so. jealous. i have never been to NYC. please share all of your pics. i can live vicariously through you. 🙂

  5. Becky

    So jealous!!!What a great list, sounds wonderful!B-

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