Freakin’ Broncos

fumble much? enough about them…

I confess, I didn’t really get out of my sweats/pajamas all day. Something about the foggy weather and canceled pumpkin patch plans took any momentum for life outside of the condo today.

I did take the opportunity to finish a couple of crafty projects. I’d been working on this little hat for Sienna for most of the week and put the finishing touches this am, hopefully we’ll find a pumpkin patch when we get back from NYC so I can take some photos of her in it.Then I spent some quality time in my scrap space. The fall paper from Crate Paper finally made it to the store and I couldn’t walk away from it yesterday. I challenged myself to see how many of the papers(cardstock not included) I could get on one layout. Care to take a guess?
If you guessed 5, congratulations! I don’t usually spend a lot of time on the small details, but something about this paper just screamed ‘fussy cut me’ and you have to listen when the paper talks. Clearly, I should have spent a little more time gluing on the ‘o’.


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5 responses to “Freakin’ Broncos

  1. Mary Kay

    Oooh, that’s fab! Is it going to live at the store for a while, I hope???

  2. Rachel Carlson

    great project day due to the weather eh! we went to the pumpking patch on sunday instead and boy was it muddy. still got the photo shoot in and still got the pumpkin, whew! hugs, rach

  3. Emily Pitts

    that hat is adorable. that page is great! i’ve been doing too much fussy cutting lately myself. what’s wrong with us?

  4. Houston

    I LOVE THAT HAT!!! and of course I LOVE THAT LAYOUT!!!

  5. Heather

    lol about the ‘o’! hahaha. The hat is a. dore. a. ble. seriously. i need you to teach me how to do colors like that….switch ’em up and stuff.

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