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Bonus Round

look what nice things Alisa from PaperCrafts had to say about our store…


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A productive day…

I decided to cash in one of the comp days earned over the past couple of months and take a day off.

Well at least a day off from work…much to do on the home front

Cleaned out the fridge — Yuck!

Tanner got shots and his annual physical…Yay! he’s in good shape except for a little tartar buildup

Fall clothes clean and front and center in closet, summer clothes tucked away for another season

Make and Take project ready for Saturday complete

Mini-album class with new Basic Grey paper sample done (photos to come later)

Yummy dinner with Houston and fam

and a few minutes leftover to make another card with my new favorite stamps, I decided to color in the geometric flower stamp from CHF and love the way it turned out…

it dawned on me today that at this point last year I was on pace and doing something creative nearly everyday as opposed to the ‘once a week if I’m lucky’ pace I’m on now. I’m going to strive to get back to that creative place.


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I’m here…

just don’t have much to say…work’s busy not a lot of time to create, but I did manage to finish a couple of cards.

Have you met the Bellas? These whimsical ladies have taken our store by storm, you can’t help falling in love with them. Of course they’re also flying off the shelves and I can’t get the ones I really want quick enough, so thanks to Kelly and Angela for letting me stamp their girls.

I made the one below for Becky’s ‘Make It Sparkle’ Stamptoberfest Challenge on Two Peas…Unfortunately you can’t really tell from the scan, but glitter is all over this card, I’m not sure my scanner will ever recover.

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