Urban Dictionary…and I was like.

Have you ever visited Urban Dictionary?

I’m always curious when I see a random person has been referred by Google. I like to click and see what they were searching for…the latest round: ‘And I was liek‘ to which google second guessed and decided the person fat fingered ‘And I was like…’ My little blog is about 5th on the list and Urban Dictionary on top. I couldn’t resist, I had to see how ‘and I was like’ was defined.

I think it’s pretty dead on, how about you?

Obnoxious(ok maybe not this part) people use this phrase after they have recited an anecdote about their petty tribulations.

This is to compensate for their complete absence of wit or original insight into anything.

Teenage girl drops her lipstick.

Girl: Omigod becki, this morning i was like, putting my lipstick on, and then i dropped it and there was lipstick like alllllll over the floor and i was like AHH!!!!
Boy: uhhh… how exactly can you be “like ahh“?
Girl: I apologise for my poor use of English. I tend to use “like” as an all-purpose word. Yes, I was slightly disgrunted at the time, but I wasn’t physically comparable to a sound, nor did I actually raise my hands in the air and shout “AHH!”
Boy: I think makeup and clothes stores contain brain-destroying chemicals.
Girl: Help me.

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