Time to face facts…

The clock is ticking down to the big day and it’s time to face the fact that time has just about run out for me to go on a major baking run and turn out boxes like these. Time for plan B, picking out just a few, but which ones? and do I really have the energy to face Costco today or wait until tomorrow when it’s supposed to be cold and snowy…decisions, decisions…these are the things that take the fun out of the season.


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6 responses to “Time to face facts…

  1. duck o tronic

    it reminds me of the (ex)wife of one of my husband’s friends. she made a box of cookies for everyone at xmas but I swear to dog, she used rancid butter. they were awful! the last time we got some at an xmas party, there was another couple there who had never had them before. so I warned them. later they told me they took one bite out of each cookie and threw them out the car window, one by one, on the way home! haha

  2. duck duck goose

    I’m not saying your cookies are awful.

  3. duck amock

    that’s just what the photos reminded me of.

  4. Mary Kay

    They were actually quite good, Duck.

  5. AK2CO Girl

    have no fear cookie recipients, I bought fresh butter yesterday.

  6. Rachel Carlson

    oh my, they look SO tasty, GULP!

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