Never trust a dog…

Do you ever have those moments when you walk by the food bowl and you wonder did I feed you this morning, kind of scary if you can’t remember really… and the dog is no help.

He just looks at me with sad face as if to say ‘no stupid, you forgot…just got in the shower and left me here to waste away.’

So with guilt, I fill up the bowl…with a half scoop mind you becuase I want to believe I did feed him, I’m not really a bad mother.

Then I know he’s lying…I did feed him (thank god!) How do I know? He’s starting to second guess himself…he pauses, doesn’t jump right for the food(as he usually does quite vocally when he really is hungry)…I can’t believe you fell for the sad eyes trick…then he turns to look at me and I think a little panic hits his little doggie brain…is this a trick? are you going to do something to me?

I should have trusted myself, I know better than to trust a dog. I must have holiday cookies on the brain


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3 responses to “Never trust a dog…

  1. dorky

    don’t sweat it; I’ve had breakfast twice by accident.

  2. Rachel Carlson

    sounds familiar in our household. but with 2 dogs now i think they work together to play me and rich against each other. i always have to remember to remind myself to ask rich if he has fed them, doh!

  3. Mary Kay

    Elwood is the KING of that scam! With five of us around to potentially feed him, he milks it for all it’s worth– often.I’m thinking of making some sort of magnetic chart to help us keep track. As it stands, I just usually text Jon: Did E eat?and I get a Y or N answer.

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