we interupt this usually crafty blog with breaking news from the sports desk…from the Broncos website

Shanahan, Broncos Part Ways
Denver Broncos Owner Pat Bowlen today relieved Mike Shanahan from his position as Executive Vice President of Football Operations/Head Coach of the National Football League team, effective immediately.
Broncos owner Pat Bowlen issued the following statement: “After giving this careful consideration, I have concluded that a change in our football operations is in the best interests of the Denver Broncos. This is certainly a difficult decision, but one that I feel must be made and which will ultimately be in the best interests of all concerned.”

Bowlen added, “I appreciate the 21 years that Mike Shanahan has given to the organization as an assistant and head coach, and the two Super Bowl wins in that time. His contributions hold a special place in Broncos history.”

Hallalujah! Not that a new coach can work miracles, but hopefully someone can draft a linebacker or two and put together a defense that can um I don’t know…tackle someone.

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  1. Houston

    Been watching all the shows, reading all the articles and thinking… what’s next? and who got the crock-pot:)

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