I love…

that I have smart friends who challenge me on so many levels. Who would have thought we would take a journey back to HS English for a journaler’s challenge? Thanks to Ducky we all had a review of point of view and tenses. My version, second person future tense. I had to really think about it, I almost chickened out and took an easier route (first person, past tense anyone?) and then I printed these great pics of Sienna and my mom and mom’s iPhone. I can only imagine how much technology Sienna will see and as she figured out how to pull up her own photo at 1 yr, I’m going to bet she’ll have some solid skills in technology.

and speaking of friends, can I just say how happy I am my friends Jon, Stephen, Serena, Dan and all my other TV friends are back from their winter break and my Tivo is going back to work.


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6 responses to “I love…

  1. Heather

    Love it, C!! The challenge was so much fun!

  2. Mary Kay

    That is a fantastic LO. And I do pause to think every now and then about the technological world my kids are growing up in… (Don’t tell Duck I ended my sentence in a preposition.)

  3. Houston

    So cute, both the little one and the layout! I need to get my JJ Challenge done.

  4. Roxane

    Hey!Love this layout and loved seeing you and Houston the other day at SD. When I left I realized I didn’t stay and visit at all… very strange… I had a scrapbooking mission to get back to. I don’t think you’ve seen that happen before. By the way, loved your new haircut!Roxane

  5. Tara Whalen

    Great lo! I love the way you were able to use that patterned paper.

  6. ducky

    :)tell mk I caught her red handed.

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