You Wanted Woodland Creatures…

ok so maybe it was just MK who wanted woodland creatures…
Speaking of MK, she said she needed a product barfer on the DT, I thought I can do that…I know you may find it hard to believe, but once upon a time I used to be a product barfer stylewise. Somewhere between retail spots I migrated into my current linear, layered style.
since it’s been a few years, I started surfing to find inspiration and boy did I…to get back in the groove I decided to ‘case’ this layout I found at the imaginisce website. I’m pretty sure I used all of the a sides of the papers in the line and a few of the b sides, it’s pretty much an exact copy with a few extra creatures thrown in.

what’s sad to me is that the imaginisce website didn’t give the designer credit…now that’s not right…if you know who’s work this is please let me know no I can give proper credit.

Happy Friday!


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2 responses to “You Wanted Woodland Creatures…

  1. Rachel Carlson

    christyn, this is awesome! and boy did you ever barf woodland creatures, in a GOOD way of course. i really want to embrace these little creatures but i’m not sure what it is about them. great work! hugs, rach

  2. Houston

    It’s great, good barfing!

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