Catch Up post #1

As I was once again cleaning my scraproom(sometimes it feels like I spend every Sunday cleaning up, the good news with my new organization I can clean up and move on to new projects faster, maybe someday I’ll clean-up after finishing a project instead of when I want to start one) I realized that I’ve finished several projects that I haven’t posted here…many haven’t even been photographed, thank goodness I have tomorrow off!

Here’s a layout that was at the store for quite some time, but I never posted here. I love seeing how much Sienna has grown from Labor Day until now.

Love the combo of my all-time fav AC ribbon and this OA paper, it’s as if the paper was made for the ribbon.

Stay tuned the rest of the week as I continue to get caught up…speaking of catching up, if you didn’t read yesterday’s post please keep reading, I hope you’ll love the story.

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