Catch Up Post #2

I always love the journaler’s junction challenges in Pea Land almost as much as I love the girlies that host the challenge. I made a resolution to do all the challenges this year, so far I’m not off to a great start, but there’s always time to catch up…and that’s exactly what I did…this layout is from a challenge a couple of weeks ago ‘Scrap your BFF

I found this picture of Shelley and me at Disneyland circa 1981-ish. You can’t really see in this layout photo, but my face is grumpy, grumpy, grumpy and look at Shelley so smug and happy, no doubt this pissed me off even more. Luckily the years heal many wounds. I’m so thankful for our adult relationship, even when one of us (usually me) acts like a one of these kids.

Yep, that’s a stacked button on the flower. I can’t stop myself.


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3 responses to “Catch Up Post #2

  1. Mary Kay

    Love the juxtaposition! I enlarged it so I could completely appreciate the grumpy look.

  2. Heather

    i also enlarged it. 😉 heehee I love this page, C! you go with your bad button stacking self!

  3. Houston

    Ahh so glad yet sad that I don’t have a sibling. BTW I like stacked flowers. Like the girls I enlarged had to see the face!

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