Insane in the membrane

Now you really couldn’t expect me to keep a video of Bill Maher in a Snuggie to myself or even wait for the usual Thursday video spot, could you? Of course not…

I have a couple of favorite lines, but ‘our booze cruise has hit an iceberg’ is resonating on this early Saturday morning.


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5 responses to “Insane in the membrane

  1. Houston

    OMG, I am laughing so hard I might cry! Yep… the booze cruis has hit the iceberg and it’s time to send a “mighty twitter”. I also loved the “Senator Gossip Girl” line and the one about the Chinese seeing us in Snuggies… “I’m sure they make the fucking things”! Thanks for sharing we (Aaron, Hans and I) loved it!

  2. Angela Knopf

    I was fortunate enough to see it earlier….I’m glad someone else found it as entertaining as I did! I’m with Houston….loved the Chinese bit.

  3. Kelly McGarry

    Oh man! how funny thanks for sharing! His lines are so true!

  4. Mary Kay

    I would have commented earlier, but my arms were tangled in my Snuggie sleeves.(Can you imagine if Baxter had that iFart application? Heaven on earth, I tell you.)

  5. Heather

    a mighty twitter… rofl!! wade and i sat here and had a good laugh. 🙂 i have my own little ifart application…we call him benji.

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