Counting the days…

Spring Break is just a few days away…you would think that since I work for a school I would automatically have it off…oh were it so…admins work year round, but we do have PTO days and instead of losing some at the end of the SY again I’ve decided to have a little stay*cation and use those days during Spring Break.

Not that it will be much of a break, as I’m out for my walks with Tanner many things that I need/want to get done pop into my head. So to help in my effort to keep track and attempt to actually get them done, I decided to post them here…sorry a boring read today, sometimes this blog is really all about me…hey, no snickering on the sometimes.

1. Clean out, wash and vacuum car
2. Restructure little retirement fund from previous job so money will not continue to waste away
3. Mani/Petti…70 degree weather has my toes screaming for air, but they’re not ready for public viewing just yet
4. Finish scraproom organization
5. Clean out closet, put winter clothes away…this will no doubt cause a major blizzard
6. Lots of laundry
7. Take Tanner to the wash your pup place
8. Clean out fridge

Well those are the ones I can remember at the moment…I’m sure I’ll be adding to the list as the time comes closer.


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2 responses to “Counting the days…

  1. Houston

    Excuse me, but I think you forgot … Watch Beverly Hills Chihuahua with my peeps

  2. Rachel Carlson

    WELL, it’s all out there – now you are really committed! good luck with everything and ENJOY your break…

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