I’m Alive

No blog post since Monday, no tweets for 2 days, fear not peeps,I’m ok…just a little busy at work this week and exhausted by the time I get home.

Even though it’s not Thursday, I couldn’t let the week go without sharing a video…

What thoughts went through your head? What does it mean to you as a parent? as an educator? as a human?

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  1. Suzy

    So I’m a little behind on my blog reading, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to comment on that video. As a former math teacher (and current mom), it just reaffirms my belief that we go to school not to learn facts, but to learn how to learn. No one can know everything, even before there was so much out there to know, but if you know how to find the information that you need and how to process that information then you are on your way to accomplishing whatever it is you set out to do. That was always my answer to the “Why do I have to know this stuff anyway?” question and I’m sticking with it.The other important thing to understand in that video is that statistics are wily little things. Yes, there may be more Indian honors students than there are US students, but that also means there are probably more Indian SPED students than there are US students. When numbers get really, really enormously large like that, it’s hard to keep your head wrapped around the big picture.And thanks for giving me something to think about today. My brain needed a little more to do today than play its 583rd game of Candy Land. šŸ™‚

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