Will she, won’t she…

I know you’re on the edge of your seats to see if I have another digi-layout to share today…will she make it the end of the class?(I wondered the same thing myself, 4 weeks of assignments is tough). So far so good, I’m a little sad that I only have two more assignments left, perhaps I should sign up for another while the mojo is still running or maybe I’ll give the paper layout sitting on my desk some love this weekend.

For now, I have this little gem to share from the bonus assignment in week 3. Using templates…I had done this once before, but the results weren’t nearly this cool. It’s got my mind running and wondering if I can turn some of the sketches I did for the SD blog into templates, that would be so cool.
Don’t get too excited I didn’t organize my digi files, but did leave PS up so I could give proper credit before closing the files.
Patterned Paper: Carina Gardner(Pinks, 2 Peas May Freebie), Jessica Sprague(Blue, Echoes of Asia kit) K. Pertiet (Sanded overlay)
Template: Jen Caputo as part of JS class supplies/materials.

Even though I’m not, nor ever will be a chronological scrapper, I was still feeling a little guilty for not scrapping a page for Sienna’s first steps(really, what kind of aunt am I?) so there’s a feeling of relief to have this important moment documented.

Welcome to the weekend, hope it’s a great one!

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One response to “Will she, won’t she…

  1. Rachel Carlson

    it’s fantastic! i’m seeing your style in digi evolve every day i come back to see what new digi layout you have up. cheers to you!

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