Cards? Yes, Cards…

I was supposed to organizing my space to make room for the supplies I’ve been hoarding as the store’s final hours tick away (so sad), instead I was totally in the mood to make some cards. I started with an easy assembly of this card, totally designed and prepped by Kelly McGarry(who doesn’t have a blog, but totally SHOULD, you can echo that in the comments maybe we can guilt trip her into it) all I had to do was assemble, what could be better than that?At the frenzy I stamped a couple of extra hello trees on the green because I thought it was such a great combo and knew it would come in handy a some point… and it sure did last nightInspiration #2 this video by Jennifer McGuire she posted a couple of weeks ago, she’s such a genius always thinking of how to add something a little extra…like color to embossed and then sanded card fronts. Love her! Love the way the card turned out.

the pink ribbon looks straighter IRL, at least I think so...

Inspiration #3 the weekly HeroArts blog challenge…’Dots’…could there be a challenge that is more me?(ok so maybe a scallop challenge could come close) so I worked out the last card, using new dies from the QK special edition ‘reUse’ set. I think I got a little carried away with the dots, imagine that.Hope you having a wonderful and creative weekend!


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2 responses to “Cards? Yes, Cards…

  1. Rachel Carlson

    I ♥ DOTS!!!

  2. Average Scrapper

    These are lovely. I like the dotty card. 🙂

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