100th Post

The moment almost passed me by…I knew I needed to blog I didn’t want to have this be the day that my goal of daily blogging for a month falls apart, again, how sad would that be since I’m so close….and I looked over at the running tally and saw 99. A celebration is in order and since this is a crafty blog I thought I should post something crafty, go figure, but it’s late…so I had the brain child of celebrating the achievement by doing a digi-layout, but the one I was working on just doesn’t seem to be working out and I need to go back to the drawing board…and since it’s almost 10 and all energy for the day was tapped about 8 hours ago, the post will have to be projectless. 😦

I know 100 is just a number, but for this blogger it’s a significant one…one that took me until mid-August to reach last year. Better news: people are actually reading it. I started this blog when I moved from Alaska to Colorado in the summer of 2006(did you wonder where the blog addy cam from? now you know) and at that point only my mom and occassionally a few Alaska friends checked in every so often and I really didn’t write all that often. Over the years, I’ve gotten better (talking consistency here, not necessarily writting or content) and many of you have found this blog and better yet have come back, I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see readership increase. After 3 years and some 300+ posts I have almost achieved national domination…there are just a few states that have yet to send any my visitors to my blog, at least according to google analytics.

The goal is to have a totally green map, then I will move on to global domination. So if you know anybody in the white states who is a crafter please send them my way, pretty please.

Hope your weekend is going swell!

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One response to “100th Post

  1. Heather

    global domination. i love it. bwahahahaha (my best evil laugh, of course!)

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