“Reflect on your present blessings, of which every man has many; not on your past misfortunes of which all men have some” Charles Dickens

This week my ever wonderful friends at google reader recommended the ‘One Little Word(OLW)’ blog, I love it! (totally stole the quote from OLW) I wonder if I’ve been under a rock or so lost my own little world to have missed it for so long. I met the lovely Rhonda P at Emily’s house not so long ago, it was great to see more of her work and some other uber-talented scrappers. If you’ve missed it too, definitely worth checking out. This weeks word is reflect, couldn’t be more perfect for my little space of cyberspace, with that as a jumping off point, I returned to my idea of a digi-page celebrating the 100th post and thinking about why I blog. I think it’s a little funny to scrapbook a blog that’s about scrapbooking.

Despite the fact that it feels like ‘little old woman who swallowed a fly…’ sound in my head to do this page, it was excellent to really think about this blog, what my goals are and remember why I spend the time to develop it. Hopefully it will be a reminder to me for ‘those days‘ when the last thing I want to do it blog, those are the days I probably need to do it most. Reflection, indeed.

Patterned Papers: JEdwards Designer Digitals(Smoothie Shop:floral, stripe, hotpink) RFarrer 2 peas(green scallop)
Elements: MWise Designer Digitals(Reflect), SBetc(ribbon), JSprague(Scratchy overlay, recolored)


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2 responses to “Reflect

  1. Heather

    reflect is an amazing word for today. i had many a chance to reflect this morning…

  2. Rachel Carlson

    a great post! i’m so happy that someone as witty as you blogs and that i allowed to enjoy it. and happy 100th, i missed it, i was in the mountains getting my sanity back. miss you!

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