Random Invention time

This is the time of year based on environmental(sun shining in the window and birds that refuse to sleep in) + work pressures(see yesterday’s post and multiply by 132) have me waking up way, way, way to early. And while my brain is awake, my middle aged body says otherwise, which means the brain is off and running into work and sometimes, like this morning, thinking in completely random directions. Maybe is was the story about invention camp on last night’s news that lead my brain down the path…

Here’s my grand idea for an invention, refrigerators should have some sort of altered POS (in this case it stands for ‘point of sale’ for you non-retail folks and even those with retail experience whose minds immediately go to 4 letter words). The POS would have a scanner in the door and you would just scan your items as you put them away. Then the fridge could help track expiration dates, inventory etc. and have a little display on the front side…

Apples Purchased xx/xx/xx
Hamburger purchased xx/xx/xx

Use this week:
blue cheese

Use in 3 days

In danger of turning green

Throw it out already
Eggs from 2007

Basics to purchase (and then you could network the fridge and print a shopping list)

If only I could figure out how to scan leftovers I would never have anything turn green in my fridge again...yeah right, hey a girl can dream.

As I typed this I realized this is just may be a classic example of you can take the girl out of retail, but you can’t take the retail out of the girl and I’m already compensating for the loss of my beloved part-time job at Scrapbook Destination.


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2 responses to “Random Invention time

  1. Mary Kay

    I like the way you think! Leftovers are the primary problem for me, though; can we build a barcode printer into the fridge so they can be labeled, too? Or maybe a simpler, manual-entry system.Having said that, I have seen prototype fridges that have a similar system, and can even order groceries online as you run out.

  2. Rachel Carlson

    that's rich's job – HA. you are genius christyn, go for it!

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