I had great intentions of spending my week updating the blog and working on other inside stuff, assuming it would be typical Alaskan summer weather and rain for the majority of our trip, instead something quite miraculous happened…7 days of near cloudless skies and warm(hot by Alaskan standards) temps.

I spent as much time outside as possible and in the land of the midnight sun(photo above is Denali aka Mt. McKinley around midnight) that’s a lot of time…on the boat, in a lounge chair, even on the grass playing with S. No wifi, no cell reception, just the sounds of the wind, water fowl, voices of family and a few books to fill the time made for the perfect break.

It’s hard to adjust back into a life where I actually need to do something, I’m trying to look a the bright side and be thankful I have a job and a life that affords such luxuries as a week away doing nothing but reading…trying really hard. I have a few (ok, 190 or so) pics and a rosy tan from the week to remind me of days left behind.

Here are a couple of my favorites…

Hope your summer is going well, hard to believe it’s July already.


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4 responses to “Unplugged

  1. arleigh

    welcome home! and I'm so glad you had time to relax!

  2. Houston

    Fantastic photos! I'm happy to hear it turned out better than expected!

  3. Rachel Carlson

    welcome home c. the photos represent pure relaxation, time away, time enjoyed. cheers to you for that! look forward to all the photos in the coming weeks. glad you enjoyed yourself, you truly deserved it!

  4. Mary Kay

    Wow! Great photos, sounds so relaxing. Excellent.

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