Fun w/Photos

If you didn’t sign up for the free class on photo editing at Jessica Sprague’s site you are missing out my friend…then again if you’re a digi wizard or inclined to spend hours playing in photo shop you just might be ok. For the rest of us, I’m glad peeps like Jessica lead the way.

Of course I am a little behind and will spend some time this weekend to catch up on a couple more lessons.

Lesson 1…Add a frame and word art — basic I know but a little review never hurt anyone

Lesson 2…Brushes — I’ll admit that even though I knew how before, I didn’t really play with brushes on photos until now. I had plenty to play with, but did that stop me from searching the web for more? heck no…which might explain why I’m a couple of days behind. I gave myself bonus points on figuring out how to have to colors on the same brush image.

Lesson 3…Blending modes and hand tinting ***swoon*** again lots of playing, I’m so in love with how this turned out it motivated me to finally make a copyright stamp, lest cute baby girl end up as a poster in Uzbekistan or something. (yes, I know if they want to steal it, they will, but let me be an ostrich with her head in the sand for just a second)

Off to play more, hope you have a great weekend!


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5 responses to “Fun w/Photos

  1. Rachel Carlson

    PERFECT! so happy you are enjoying jessica's lessons, she's awesome isn't she.

  2. Mary Kay

    I'm taking this one, too, though I did the first seven lessons in one sitting last night (and did not actually play along because I felt pretty comfortable with everything). That may have been a mistake, though, if I understood you right– did you say you figured out how to put multiple colors on one brush image? If so, DO TELL! I was sitting and watching the video and wishing I knew how to do that.Have you signed up for Patti Knox' next one? I can't wait! Those I work through painstakingly, one lesson at a time (though rarely ON time). Love it!

  3. *Paula*

    Congrats on KGK Christyn! Looking forward to working with you. Your photos here are great!

  4. sarah

    congrats on being a kraft girl! 🙂 cna't wait to start working with all of you gals.hugs, GREAT photos. i'm enjoying her lessons as well.

  5. Rita

    Congrats and looking forward to working with you at KGK!

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