Sneaky Peak Part 1

ooh, I got my first Kraft Girls kit in the mail today…I had it delivered to work so I knew it would get delivered, only downside…I wanted to leave and play and it was only 1pm so that wasn’t a choice(drat!). I snuck a couple of peaks in the office and a closer look on the way home (sorry to the drivers behind me @ the Holly light).

Finally, I got home and busted it all out and started to plan, I think some fun and a little different for me layouts are in store.

Here’s a couple of sneaks from my first layout… Clue #1 the kit includes some ‘elusive’ letters from a favorite company, in a favorite color, in a favorite ‘material’.

and flowers, you can never have enough flowers…especially whimsical ones.
Start saving your lunch money kids, you’re going to want this kit…


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4 responses to “Sneaky Peak Part 1

  1. Michelle

    Fun sneak peeks! Can't wait to see the full lo's! I did 2 last night.

  2. Rita

    Gorgeous sneaks!! I've got some up too and I'm just loving this kit!

  3. Mary Kay

    Fabu! I see some Paper Whimsies from Sass…

  4. Houston

    Oooh, I do like what I see…

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