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August Leftovers

I had a little self conflict yesterday posting sneaks, knowing full well that I had several layouts done in August that I haven’t posted, some of you who know me well know I am all about order and routine, so you understand the inner conflict. Certainly not all are post worthy, but there were a few that I absolutely loved and felt they needed a little room in the spotlight. So since there is one more day left in the month I thought I’d squeeze them in…

The first one was for the August sketch…contest ends TONIGHT, just in case you’re incredibly motivated…
she is...

Playing around with scraps…look out…if something is standing still I might just hit it with some metallic mist as is what happened with the thickers and flowers in this layout…
Alaska Baby

The ‘rule follower’ in me says I should teach her now that slides aren’t for going up and that’s dangerous, but the ’embrace the cuteness’ me trumped that voice…

Hard to believe it’s been almost a year…



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September Sneaks

Where did August go? Birthday fun, crops with friends, unexpected vet visits and school starting made for an exhausting month. Even though the kit arrived early in the week, exhaustion from long work days trumped any motivation/inspiration that might have been fostering when I opened the box of crafty goodness. Once the weekend hit, I’ve been scrapping away…

This kit is totally fabulous, there’s a little something for everyone with great products from Cosmo, October Afternoon, Jillibean Soup and Jenni Bowlin to name a few, perfect for back to school, summer, or just ’cause layouts. I sat next to the amazing Rhonda at a crop in Ft. Collins last week and you can tell some of her influence rubbed of on me and ended up on these pages.


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Sunday Scraps

Now you know I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions, but I love my friend Arleigh’s idea of monthly resolutions. A few months ago I decided that Sunday’s would be my day to sort my scraps from projects created over the week. It’s my one small step to keeping my scrappy studio in order. Occasionally, as was the case a couple of weeks ago before life got totally crazy, in the process I get inspired by combinations of papers in their color family. The papers in this fun layout all came out of the blue bag and I love the combo. I also love that this page came together in under an hour(super fast for me), of course this cutie pic of the little one doesn’t hurt.

Hope you have a great week!


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2 days in

to the school year and I am…

image via…love this site!

Now watching the Broncos first season game, I’ve keep repeating to myself ‘building year’, ‘low expectations’, etc. Yet still upset that the defense on first possession gave up 15 yards on a 3rd down and don’t even get me started about an interception in the red zone on the offense’s first possession…so much for the ‘new Broncos’, it’s going to be a long year.


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Calling Louisiana, W. Virginia and Delaware

You may remember my 100th post from a few months ago when I posted a map of the my visitors from around the US…At that time I was missing 7 or 8 states from acheiving my goal. I haven’t quite made it, but…I’m so close I can almost taste it. 3 more to go…

I could make sassy jokes about each of the missing states, but I’m afraid that might keep people away so I’ll let you make them up in your head, or if you so desire you can leave it in the comments.

So here’s the deal, I have some goodies to give away from my stash (a little Cosmo early bird perhaps) to either a. someone from one of the missing states or b. a friend of someone from one of those states that gets their person to come visit. Desperate much? You might call it that, but a girl has got to meet her goals and keep moving don’t you think. So the nitty gritty, come visit, LEAVE a comment with either where your from or name of friend from one of those states. Friend must also comment. Picky, Picky I know…if this actually works and I have multiple people to choose from I will use the handy dandy random number generator to choose.

So we’re looking for folks from Louisiana, West Virginia, and Delaware.

Thanks for your help!


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Video Fun

but not the usual kind you find here in Christyn land, but instead one made by me! Today is my first day to host the blog in kraft girl land and I wanted to do something special. The aha moment occurred about 8 am on Sunday…make a video… So, I sat down on Sunday and was determined to master iMovie and while ‘master’ might be a stretch at this point, I’m pretty happy with the results, happy enough to show off in two places…

This a ‘not so‘ quick tutorial on making lace edges with various border punches. Hope you find it helpful.


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Altered Journal Goodness

Have you noticed the school supplies everywhere you go, I love all of them…crayons, binders, and especially composition books on sale for 50 cents. I usually stock up and by 10 or so. Then I have them on hand when the inspiration hits…and hit it did. I gave this birdy a glitter bath thinking he would go on one of the layouts I posted yesterday, but then he just turned out so wonderful I thought he needed a project where he could really be the star.

I built up his nest with other goodies and adhered them all to the front on a composition book, I know this glittery friend with the cheery yellow will bring a smile to my face on those stressful days that the start of the school year brings.

August KGK Journal


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