Calling Louisiana, W. Virginia and Delaware

You may remember my 100th post from a few months ago when I posted a map of the my visitors from around the US…At that time I was missing 7 or 8 states from acheiving my goal. I haven’t quite made it, but…I’m so close I can almost taste it. 3 more to go…

I could make sassy jokes about each of the missing states, but I’m afraid that might keep people away so I’ll let you make them up in your head, or if you so desire you can leave it in the comments.

So here’s the deal, I have some goodies to give away from my stash (a little Cosmo early bird perhaps) to either a. someone from one of the missing states or b. a friend of someone from one of those states that gets their person to come visit. Desperate much? You might call it that, but a girl has got to meet her goals and keep moving don’t you think. So the nitty gritty, come visit, LEAVE a comment with either where your from or name of friend from one of those states. Friend must also comment. Picky, Picky I know…if this actually works and I have multiple people to choose from I will use the handy dandy random number generator to choose.

So we’re looking for folks from Louisiana, West Virginia, and Delaware.

Thanks for your help!


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3 responses to “Calling Louisiana, W. Virginia and Delaware

  1. sarah

    haha! you crack me up! love this idea… and congrats on ALMOST getting every state!if i knew someone in those states, i'd send them your way… but unfortunately i don't. i don't even know if scrappers exist on those states?! do they?! let me know if they do. HAHAhave a great weekend,sarah.

  2. Michelle

    hmmm, don't know anyone from those states! what are you using to track your visits??

  3. Rita

    I'm no help…I'm on the west coast, but I think it's great you've had so many visitors!

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