I’m alive…v. #123?

I know it seems like most of the posts these days are either …’I’m alive'(that title is really for my mom’s benefit, I presume that most of the rest of you assume I’m alive) or ‘Catching Up’ so much so I’m thinking maybe I should start version-ing those titles are heck change the name of the whole blog to one of those two. I had good intentions of coming home each night, often writing the post in my head on the way home, but then I get here and Tanner, my tummy, tv and bed get my attention and off to bed I go without a post.

So in effort to make sure another weekend doesn’t go by without a nod to anyone who’s still reading, here’s what I’ve been up to…

1. I wrangled this box of layouts, plus other random ones laying around my scrap area into albums, yes albums…two brand new red AC albums, as you can see in the second pic, this is my first foray in nearly 15 years (ack!) of scrapbooking that I have attempted any uniformity in the album department.

2. I started and have nearly finished sewing a dress for S, with some fabric I have in my stash for ever. Confession: I bought this fabric almost 2 years ago…Rach I was going to make an apron for you out of it, but now you’re the apron goddess that I decided it was probably ok to do something else with it. I think it may be the first thing I’ve tried to cut from a pattern since 8th grade home ec. And of course all these years of Project Runway have seeped into my brain and I feel the need to off-road it a bit. When it’s done it will actually be a reversible, with a small black and white polka dot pattern on the opposite side. Wish me luck that I get it made before she grows out of it.
3. I was introduced to a wonderful decorating blog…The Nesting Place via Michelle from the Kraft Girls team. I love the Nester’s motto: ‘It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful’ This month, she started a series: 31 days to a Better Dressed Nest. Serendipity stepped in and I found these curtains on about day 3 and the desire to redecorate the living room was born.
In all honesty, re-decorate might be a stretch, it would mean that the room was decorated to begin with. Until now, it was a pretty basic room with one major piece of art, several photos, and a Japanese screen…no curtains, TV on a TV tray and a mess of cords for TIVO, etc in plain site. So I’ve been working on it the past couple of weeks, repeating to my self ‘it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful’ and it’s really starting to come together. I’ll post a few pics of some of the crafty projects later in the week.

4. I’ve been reading more than ever now that for the first time in years — I got a library card. I think my neighborhood library is in the running for the poshest library ever. It moved to the new ‘suburban trying to be urban‘ development about a mile or so from my house. I has a deck with Adirondack chairs overlooking the courtyard, lots and lots of beautiful computers, my favorite part is the online request and self checkout features…and you may be saying ‘so what my library has those things‘ and I’ll say oh yeah well does yours have Valet Parking? Because mine does. Ha! Ok so maybe it’s for the whole complex, but the entrance is right across the street from the library.
5. S, her parents and I went out to the madness that is the Chatfield Pumpkin festival. I had no idea what an event this is until I neared the park and saw hundreds of cars, since her parents aren’t much for crowds and we were trying to squeeze it in between a Troy’s game, naps and a barbecue I don’t think her parents had that much fun, S was in a mellow mood too so it was pretty much a bust, but I did get some cut pics like this one, so that’s something.


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5 responses to “I’m alive…v. #123?

  1. Emily Pitts

    1. doesn't it feel good to get pages into cute albums?2. totally cute fabric. 3. thanks for the blog link. those curtains are fabulous. i think the site will be inspiration for me too4. sadly my library does not have valet service. but they did send me a note saying bring back that book, you have significant fines.5. super cute. but what else can we expect.love you!

  2. Michelle

    Isn't the Nester great?? I just starting sewing, too. I've had a sewing machine for about 5 yrs now. I originally bought it with the intention of learning to sew but instead used it for scrapbooking! So I decided to take a class. We're finishing up a bag on Tues. I'm SO excited!

  3. Rita

    I know exactly what you mean! Life is just so busy right now! Love your curtains…I will have to check that blog out. My house is in terrible need of some TLC!

  4. Houston

    You forgot to talk about our lovely foray into the land of teens at the movie theater! Congrats on getting those layouts into albums. Oh and don't forget to show that totally beautiful living room off!

  5. Rachel Carlson

    *sigh* – i ♥ that fabric and it would have made a fantastic apron – agreed. BUT little girls come first and i look forward to the finished project – please share!how funny, looks like we are posting about the same things recently. our trip to the festival was great too – which day did you go? we went on saturday.and the library! we just went today and i came home with some goodies that i am devouring right now – yummy! but mine does not have valet service. cheers to books!miss you and hope you are doing well.♥rach

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