A storm is brewing…

and I’m ‘not so’ secretly hoping for a major one that turns into a snow day. 5-10″ is all we’re predicted to get so I doubt my wishes will come true, just enough to make driving a pain.

Once upon a time this was a scrapbooking blog, so I thought it only fair that I finally show off a layout or two. I scrapped on Friday and Saturday night with some of my favorite girls, so inspiring they are…and the laughter, so much it hurt.

So for Jen, who I’ve missed so much a double page layout, with only a couple of buttons…
I love the way Sienna walks with such determination, here she is one the hunt for the perfect pumpkin, which sadly was elusive on this particular day. Oh well maybe next year…
and if you think those are cute, wait until you see her in her halloween costume, we took the essential costume/leaves pictures on Saturday. I have lots of editing to do, but here’s a sneak peek for the fam.


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4 responses to “A storm is brewing…

  1. *Paula*

    Fun layout! Makes me want to scrap my fall pics!

  2. Houston

    She is too darn cute, I love both layouts!

  3. Rachel Carlson

    oh my goodness, that giraffe costume is precious!

  4. Michelle

    great layouts!!! Makes me want to pull out all my fall pics, too!! I'm so behind on scrapping…haven't scrapped in a couple weeks!!

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