This Post Brought to You by the letter…

photo by Leo Reynolds via flickr: / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

S as in…
Saturday… check out the gorgeous fall weather we had a mere 4 days ago…

and now we have Snow, lots and lots of SNOW…you can barely make out the path Tanner and I took on the am walk near the bottom of the picture, snow was up to my knees.

Sew, Sienna and Surprise

Yes I surprised myself by actually finishing the dress I gave you a peek of last week, in time for her to wear it for awhile on Saturday. I gave up on the reversible part, we’ll save that for another day. Clearly it’s a little big, but we made it work.

Sorry, couldn’t find any forward facing shots that showed off the full dress. She’s staring off into the pasture where there were horses just a few minutes ago. We took the trail specifically to go on a horsie hunt, hoping to see some horses in their pastures or if we got really lucky, someone riding along. We got our wish, not only did we happen upon some horses in a pasture, but our timing was perfect, the owner of the horses we looked at came out to the field to halter a horse as we were standing by the fence and he brought the horses over. S was in shock! It’s one thing to see a horse in a book or out in the field, but standing right next to you is a whole other story.

Speaking of stories, here’s the picture of her telling the story in her own toddler-ese as we made our way back down the trail…

Off to make the most of snow day number 2, laundry is going, dishwasher running, maybe I’ll hit the scraproom.


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3 responses to “This Post Brought to You by the letter…

  1. Houston

    Oooh, I love the dress! Great work! Now the snow… it was lovely yesterday, today I am not feeling the love…

  2. lisa dickinson

    ok, you've inspired me to start the little dress I bought the fabric for, um, a year ago? I can do it, right?!? 😛

  3. Rachel Carlson

    i absolutely ♥ the dress!!! NOW do you make them in my size??!!

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