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It’s Good to Have Friends

ATC Tray
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with connections! You might remember me posting some atc creations and bemoaning the fact that I really wanted the ATC tray to put them in…I went on a search — no local stores, pooh. Online…sold out, sold out, on SC in a project kit this month but the kit was $41 and all I wanted was the tray but I was willing to pay for the whole kit.

Then out I went to get the mail, there’s a key in the box and I thought ‘oh no I thought I was doing better at getting the mail did I forget last week and the mailman move the crap to the bigger packages box. Crap!’

Slowly I opened the box, and what to my surprised eyes did a see a big envelope from my dear friend Rachel with the printer tray enclosed, I practically skipped home, it was such a great surprise. I quickly put my cuties in their homes, they were a little big, but I was able to cut them down without too much trouble. Now I want to make some for Christmas. Can’t wait!

Thanks Rach, you made my week — maybe even the month!

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everyday moments

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Another layout from November Studio Calico goodies…one of my favorite things about kits I that they stretch my creativity, determined to get the most out of each one, I use things I wouldn’t normally buy for myself like the paper I cut the weekly tabs out of or the flower card from Sassafrass. In the end, I’m grateful for the stretch, the pages turn out so much cuter—having a cutie like this to scrap doesn’t hurt either.
Patterned Paper: Basic Grey(Green), Studio Calico(Daily Tabs)
Flower Card: Sassafrass
Brad: Basic Grey

Alphas: AC (green), Crate Paper(Yellow)


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In Case You Missed It

This one is for my fellow Dave fans…

These skits always make me crack up, but Dave as Ozzy well…it doesn’t get better than that…

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My Favorite Things

First Oprah, now thrifty decorating blogs…who can resist the appeal of ‘My Favorite Things’? Certainly not me…320 * Sycamore is a great decorating blog full of ideas to make things on the cheap, but this weekend she hosted a blog hop with lots of people playing along. Totally seemed like fun, so here goes…my favorite things — if I won the Powerball lottery or married Mr. 66 Million dollar contract (I wonder which is statistically more probable)I would buy one of each for each of you until then you’ll just have to dream along with me.

1. Bath and Body Works Lip Gloss…no day is complete without 3,4 or maybe more applications
2. iPod Nano with my favorite songs from this year

3. Glimmer Mists in all the basic colors, not just for scrappy fun, I’ve used mists on dried flowers, fabric, even a painted tin star. Don’t stand still in my craft room, you might get misted too, who couldn’t use a little more sparkle in their life?

4. Studio Calico subscription

5. This Lens (ok so this one is really a wish, but I’m betting it would be one of my favorite things if I had it)

6. My inner 8 year old put this on the list…why didn’t they have cool stuff like this when I was a kid, I did melt my own in the easy bake oven to make multi-colored circle crayons.

7. A soft fluffy fleece blanket, mine is green…but this one from pier1 might be making it’s way to my house soon


8. Restaurant Style El Milagro Tortilla Chips from Whole Foods, just like chips from your fav mexican place…light, flaky, perfect

9. Emily, my hairdresser extraordinaire at New Energy Salon…of course I can’t give you Emily, but I would give a gift certificate to see her…purple optional

10. Egg Nog Lattes

Darn 10 so fast, can’t stop yet…just a few more…

11. Christmas Movies…No Holiday Season is complete without a couple of movies, these are just a few of my favorites

12. The list wouldn’t be completed without Dansko’s, I bought these beauties at a charming little shop Hearne’s in Old Town, Ft. Collins.

And finally because some of you may just have had this little ditty going through your head..

You Tube is definitely one of my favorite things…

Now it’s your turn!


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Friday? Fill-ins

so I’m working off the better late than never motto here, since it’s clearly Saturday morning at least in my neck of the woods…I’ve seen these cute little fill-ins on a couple of blogs and thought they looked kind of fun (I’ve always been a sucker for mad-libs) of course they’re really intended to be answered on Friday, but…once a procrastinator, always a procrastinator

1. We need more laughter in the world.
2. I was clued into this blog on Emma from Glee’s fashion style and it made me smile.
3. If you want something, be prepared to work for it.
4.Don’t buy condoms at the dollar store because you’ll probably need to get the pregnancy test too. (yes I saw both at my visit this week, some things are worth the money)
5. Massachusetts has a proposed 5% sales tax on elective cosmetic surgery; I think if the money goes to kids and/or eating disorder clinics I’m all for it. (Can you imagine the people that would show up for that Tea Party)
6. Seeing the joy on little one’s faces makes for a happy holiday.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to resting, tomorrow my plans include laundry(first load already in) and Sunday, I want to see the Broncos put their game back together!

And now for a little crafty goodness, I finished this layout at the crop last weekend and it makes me smile…

Kit: Studio Calico, Marketplace
Patterned Paper: BG, October Afternoon
Brad: Sassafrass
Alpha: Making Memories
Flower: Bella Blvd
Mist: Tattered Angels Dazzling Diamonds (I know you can’t see it in the pic but the bow and plaid paper sparkles)

Happy Weekend!


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Handmade w/Love

Patterned Paper:Hambly
Stamps: Studio Calico
Ribbon: AC
Brad and Journal Spot: Sassafrass

As soon as I saw the dress form paper from Hambly in an add-on kit from Studio Calico, it was a must have, that it came with fun stamps and other fab goodies was an added bonus. I couldn’t thing of a better way to use it than a page about the dress I made for Sienna.


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Permission to play

Anyone who knows me knows I’m all about structure and rules and habits, I’m happiest when I can create rules…and uncomfortable when I’m around people who ‘break the rules’ except when in the crafty world, where I’m drawn to the work of the rule breakers. I watch them and think ‘no way’ will that turn out and it does. for them, not me or at least I thought so until I read through a class by one of the best…Miss Ronda Palazzari created for a Cocoa Daisy Online Crop.

I read these words on Sunday morning as the snow fell all around and thought gee that sounds familiar…
We cloud our minds with the “what ifs?” and self doubts.
What if i don’t like what i do?
What if i mess up my paper?
I don’t know how to do this.
I have never tried it before so i will just mess it up.

So lets clear those self doubts by just playing! After all, sometimes it is just about the journey. You may mess up. You may lose a few pattern paper scraps a long the way. Let go of those worries. We all make mistakes

And I did and boy am I glad I did…

I gave my permission to make a mess…and a mess I did

I’m not sure my desk will ever be the same…

I gave myself permission to play with all of my mists, stamps, paint, rub-ons, misc supplies and just play

And play I did and here’s what I ended up with…ok so once color scheme started to emerge I went with it and then the theme emerged of positive messages to myself…now if only I could get my hands on one of those cute ATC printer’s trays from 7 Gypsies to put all of my pretties in…

Thank you, thank you Ronda! Be sure to check out her class Loads of Layers and give yourself permission to play!


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where does the time go?

the last week seemed to vanish, I had great plans and blog posts written in my head of things to share but that’s as far as I got.

Friday was an exciting day because this little layout was highlighted on the Studio Calico blog, snatched right out of the gallery along with a few others. It made me so happy to get the email and a little ashamed that it was shared with the ‘world’ before here with my loyal readers. But you get the extra special story behind it…

(so sorry look for this layout in the Nov issue of Scrapbook Trends)

Patterned Paper: Sassafrass, Cosmo Cricket
Mist: Tattered Angels (Yellow Daisy)
Alpha: Cosmo Cricket
Journal Spot: Sassafrass

Cardstock: Scenic Route (blue grid)

It all started with the tree shape and as you may know if you scrapped with me recently I’m a little obsessed with Glimmer Mists so I wanted to mist a tree shape on some cardstock to make a page, but not wanting to waste a piece of cardstock for the template I decided to use this piece of Sassafrass paper included in October’s SC kit, which did not appeal to me at all, let’s face it this paper in the wrong hands can go wrong. I couldn’t find my sheet so Houston gave me hers. I cut the tree and misted the shape on cardstock but it just didn’t quite work out the way I envisioned in my head (such things rarely do) so the little tree cut out hung around in my stash for a few weeks, it was too cute in a ‘so ugly it’s cute’ way that I couldn’t throw it away and once I printed these pics I was sure glad I didn’t. I was perfect for these shots I took of S in a tree (don’t worry moms not too high up and I was right there to ensure safety). Add a few Martha butterflies and a little mist and a happy page is done.

Here’s another example of my mist obsession, this one totally inspired by Rhonda. I misted through plastic mesh and on some bubble wrap to make the kraft background and then lightly misted the cream background.

Patterned Paper: Sassafrass (hippos), Jenni Bowlin (Text)
Stickers: Pink Paislee (woodgrain scallop), WeR (flocked flowers)
Alphas: Sassafrass (Zoo), Jenni Bowlin (Crw), AC (E)
Mists: Tattered Angels (Turquoise, Key Lime)

And speaking of mists, yesterday I went to a crop in Ft. Collins and set next to the queen of mists Liz Hicks, seriously the queen aka the education coordinator for Tattered Angels. Oh My! Very Inspiring!! Can’t wait to try out a few things I saw her do.


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I Love Lunch

I couldn’t let you all down, here’s the improv video from the today show

Love the Claim Chowder girl aka Ann Curry

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Pouting w/o Glee?

Yeah me too, silly, stupid baseball…

In the meantime, the Improve Everywhere gang is at it again, appearently they were on the today show this am, I was of course at work so I missed it, and sadly that one isn’t posted on their you tube channel yet, but I did find a new to me Grocery Store Musical for us all to enjoy while we pout over Glee and wait for the next installment


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