Pouting w/o Glee?

Yeah me too, silly, stupid baseball…

In the meantime, the Improve Everywhere gang is at it again, appearently they were on the today show this am, I was of course at work so I missed it, and sadly that one isn’t posted on their you tube channel yet, but I did find a new to me Grocery Store Musical for us all to enjoy while we pout over Glee and wait for the next installment


Filed under Humor

4 responses to “Pouting w/o Glee?

  1. Houston

    I LOVE THIS ONE! Thanks for getting me through a glee free night.

  2. Becky

    I am missing my new tv crush pretty bad too.Can't wait until it is back!B-

  3. Mary Kay

    My favorite part is the people who wander through, as if big musical showstoppers in grocery stores are completely normal non-events.

  4. Rachel Carlson

    OK, well i obviously am not in the 'glee' camp – whatever the heck that is but i ♥ singing in a grocery store! jeepers, wish we had improv companies here in denver – how cool would that be!

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