Permission to play

Anyone who knows me knows I’m all about structure and rules and habits, I’m happiest when I can create rules…and uncomfortable when I’m around people who ‘break the rules’ except when in the crafty world, where I’m drawn to the work of the rule breakers. I watch them and think ‘no way’ will that turn out and it does. for them, not me or at least I thought so until I read through a class by one of the best…Miss Ronda Palazzari created for a Cocoa Daisy Online Crop.

I read these words on Sunday morning as the snow fell all around and thought gee that sounds familiar…
We cloud our minds with the “what ifs?” and self doubts.
What if i don’t like what i do?
What if i mess up my paper?
I don’t know how to do this.
I have never tried it before so i will just mess it up.

So lets clear those self doubts by just playing! After all, sometimes it is just about the journey. You may mess up. You may lose a few pattern paper scraps a long the way. Let go of those worries. We all make mistakes

And I did and boy am I glad I did…

I gave my permission to make a mess…and a mess I did

I’m not sure my desk will ever be the same…

I gave myself permission to play with all of my mists, stamps, paint, rub-ons, misc supplies and just play

And play I did and here’s what I ended up with…ok so once color scheme started to emerge I went with it and then the theme emerged of positive messages to myself…now if only I could get my hands on one of those cute ATC printer’s trays from 7 Gypsies to put all of my pretties in…

Thank you, thank you Ronda! Be sure to check out her class Loads of Layers and give yourself permission to play!


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2 responses to “Permission to play

  1. Houston

    They look great!

  2. Rachel Carlson

    these are FANTASTIC c, love them!!! see, it feels great doesn't it. i don't read directions, i don't follow the rules, in fact i'm a rule breaker, ask anyone. it's liberating. and your mess looks awesome, that's art in itself! CHEERS TO YOU!!! hugs, rachel

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