My Favorite Things

First Oprah, now thrifty decorating blogs…who can resist the appeal of ‘My Favorite Things’? Certainly not me…320 * Sycamore is a great decorating blog full of ideas to make things on the cheap, but this weekend she hosted a blog hop with lots of people playing along. Totally seemed like fun, so here goes…my favorite things — if I won the Powerball lottery or married Mr. 66 Million dollar contract (I wonder which is statistically more probable)I would buy one of each for each of you until then you’ll just have to dream along with me.

1. Bath and Body Works Lip Gloss…no day is complete without 3,4 or maybe more applications
2. iPod Nano with my favorite songs from this year

3. Glimmer Mists in all the basic colors, not just for scrappy fun, I’ve used mists on dried flowers, fabric, even a painted tin star. Don’t stand still in my craft room, you might get misted too, who couldn’t use a little more sparkle in their life?

4. Studio Calico subscription

5. This Lens (ok so this one is really a wish, but I’m betting it would be one of my favorite things if I had it)

6. My inner 8 year old put this on the list…why didn’t they have cool stuff like this when I was a kid, I did melt my own in the easy bake oven to make multi-colored circle crayons.

7. A soft fluffy fleece blanket, mine is green…but this one from pier1 might be making it’s way to my house soon


8. Restaurant Style El Milagro Tortilla Chips from Whole Foods, just like chips from your fav mexican place…light, flaky, perfect

9. Emily, my hairdresser extraordinaire at New Energy Salon…of course I can’t give you Emily, but I would give a gift certificate to see her…purple optional

10. Egg Nog Lattes

Darn 10 so fast, can’t stop yet…just a few more…

11. Christmas Movies…No Holiday Season is complete without a couple of movies, these are just a few of my favorites

12. The list wouldn’t be completed without Dansko’s, I bought these beauties at a charming little shop Hearne’s in Old Town, Ft. Collins.

And finally because some of you may just have had this little ditty going through your head..

You Tube is definitely one of my favorite things…

Now it’s your turn!


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4 responses to “My Favorite Things

  1. Michelle LaPoint Rydell

    Fun list! I have a thing for lip gloss too, and I wish I had that blanket in my chilly scraproom right now! Also, it was really fun listening to John Coltrane!

  2. Stéphanie

    I just love the white blanket, looks so comfy. great list to share with us !

  3. Marti's World

    I am hopelessly addicted to lip gloss, too. I have yet to try B&BW version. I'll have to pick some up soon. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  4. Rachel Carlson

    ooh, i ♥ the dansko's!

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