Tuesday Craftiness

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Where does the time go? I made this layout at a crop in Ft. Collins over two weeks ago, don’t know why it took me so long to post it here. Darn funny videos keep getting in the way. Anyway…love, love, love this picture of S from Halloween leaf play.

I find this time of year a little hard to focus…crafting, decorating, baking, shopping, eggnog latte consuming… which to do first? And it’s not like work is a walk in the park this time of year. I wonder if others feel the same…

Speaking of crafty distractions…crafting god — Tim Holtz started his 12 days of tags, an annual tradition, on his blog today. If only I can restrain myself from running out to Michaels or Archivers to get every stinkin supply (I know, I know…you’re shocked I don’t already own it, me too…me too). See what I mean distractions abound.


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6 responses to “Tuesday Craftiness

  1. lisa truesdell

    gorgeous LO. and i get you on distracted this time of year. i'm trying to slow down and enjoy it!

  2. sillypea

    I totally understand distracted, and now after reading your post I want an eggnog latte…

  3. Sara*P

    Beautiful layout! And now I want an eggnog latte, too – yumm!

  4. Mia

    Love the layout! Totally get you too on being distracted. December's usually a tough month for me.

  5. Rachel Carlson

    s is growing so fast – great layout! i vote 'far' from distracted. i am probably unmotivated to say the least. i 'am' sewing every single day now. this last illness has really wiped me out and it's been a slow recover. heck, i just today only put myself out of pumpkin/fall decor misery. winter holiday decor just went up today. warm hugs cute girl!

  6. Michelle

    Adorable layout (and photo!!)

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