A new year always makes me want to start something, others may call it resolutions, I call it wishing for magic wand because I don’t really want to work that hard.  So I just may have been in that new year euphoria state or maybe high on cold medicine and signed up for the Design Your Life class by Cathy Z

at  I’ve looked at the class many times before and always run away screaming because of the time commitment — 12 weeks people— and the cost — go look it up(not cheap and all my own supplies) so you know I must have been high on something when I actually hit the purchase button.  Not one to get bogged down in buyers regrets I set right to work on the week one assignments, determined I am to make the most of the class, I know I will happy once I work through it all — so I need your help to hold me accountable for making sure I do all 12 weeks, no quitting half way.

So without ado here are my first assignments…much more clean and simple than my most recent style, but I like them.

Assignment 1:  Love this picture of some of the nephews together

Assignment 2…a double page 8.5×11 multi photo layout, huh? I wondered when the last time I did one of those, I’m thinking never.

Assignment 3…Color combo blue, yellow, orange and brown.  Love how this one came out

Have you taken this class?  did you finish? It’s never to late to join in the fun (ok so maybe it might be I think tomorrow is the deadline for registration)


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8 responses to “Design

  1. good luck with the project. i like getting your blog updates in my email now, this way i know that you have a new post and can comment right away.

  2. I did take this one and I think I fizzled out the last few weeks, but not due to lack of inspiration. Can’t wait to see all your projects!

  3. good luck hon!! the class looks like fun!

  4. I took this class the first time around. Loved it.
    Seriously considering doing it again.
    Love your layouts xxx

  5. I’ve taken the class before and really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I got sick just after the class started and couldn’t really participate much. Luckily, there were still the PDFs to refer to later. Enjoy! Great layouts, btw!

  6. Houston

    Oooh, they turned out great! When you get further along I’ll join you and finish off the class… it’s only been a year.

  7. you are rocking those assignments – i hope you enjoy the rest of the class!

  8. You can blame the cold medicine all you want, but I think you will love the class. I took it last year and it was great. I thought about doing the alumni thing, but nursing school is too busy for that. I can’t wait to see all you create!

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