Mullet with headlights?

New year, but I thought it was high time for the return of a past popular blog feature — Video Thursdays

So off onto the World Wide Web I ventured to find something special for all of you and in mere seconds I stumbled on this gem. Are you like me and perhaps the creators of this video and have always wondered what Bonnie Tyler was really saying in some sections of ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart?’Have no fear the literal video folks have come to our rescue…

Bet you won’t think of this song in the same way again.


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5 responses to “Mullet with headlights?

  1. Houston

    Yep, still not thinking I missed too much in the 80’s… but the video was hilarious!

  2. disa

    Holy efing crap! That’s one of my all time hated songs and that was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time! Thanks!!!

  3. OMG! That is freakin hilarious! Love it!

  4. Mary Kay

    Ouch! Thanks, C– now I broke my rib laughing, too.

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