Design Your Life week 3

I figured since the 4th week of class (seriously where does the time go?) starts tomorrow it might be a good idea to post week 3 assignments at some point…self accountability and all that jazz.

This week’s topic: Repetition and the oh-so fabulous visual triangle.

I think I’m pretty good at these things naturally and sometimes if stuck think about the visual triangle with embellies, etc.  It was interesting to take a step back and really be conscious of the design principles.  I’m pretty happy (pretty happy = happier than last week) with the results. An added surprise, I’m enjoying 81/2×11 layouts, not feeling the need to mount them on a 12×12 for a change.

Assignment 1…love the left more than the right, even though the journaling is super duper cheesy.Yet another added bonus of the class I’m putting a dent in my stash of scrappy products(ok it’s really the invisible kind, like you get in the windshield, but I’m hoping that just like my windshield the little chip in the stash will turn into a big one and spread, there by making room for new) Example: The chipboard  from Cosmo’s Earth Love was my ‘have to have’ supply in October and it’s been sitting there unused and unloved for months and let’s not even talk about how long I’ve had the OA sticker I used for the title.

Assignment 2…Can you handle one more bonus…using photos I forgot I had, like these of S running through the sprinkler this summer.

Finally, the real world color challenge from week 2…orange, pink and brown. Yum. I think they still need a little something.

Thanks to my dear friend Heather for taking these fun photos of me as one of her photog class assignments.

With that, I say bring on week 4.


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4 responses to “Design Your Life week 3

  1. Great projects – makes me want to revisit this class and redo the assignments!

  2. Mary Kay

    What fun! Makes me want to take the class, too. I am so horrible and doing them in real time, though, that I hesitate to take any more online classes.

  3. ok, that cute sprinkler page totally made my gray wet freezing rain day. LOVE!

  4. Houston

    The layouts are really great, love that one of you especially with the tilting, I was doing something similar yesterday, must be channeling my inner Christyn because it’s also about shoes!

    I’m jealous, but totally thrilled for you, that you get to go to NYC, bring me back something pretty (read: not a snowglobe).

    In regards to the windshield dent… well I just won’t go there 😉

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