Greetings from New York!

First a note to would be burglars: I was a little nervous about posting that I was away, just in case one of the twelve of you who read this are burglars and would go into my home, but then I realized there isn’t much for you to grab…perhaps a TV and that would make me sad, but my trusty mac, camera, etc are all with me so unless you have a hankering for craft supplies there’s no reason to go to my place.

And now back to our regularly scheduled program…

Well not quite regular, I am in New York City after all and it’s about as far away from my regular world can be.  It’s hard not to feel alive here, I sometimes I wish I felt like this at home more often.  I’m sure it’s draining riding in the subways, being jostled and judged, feeling the cold wind blast you day after day, but for this one day or the few days I’m here it’s a good feeling.  So what am I doing inside the hotel room blogging instead of out there experiencing it all…well my dear sister decided to take an extended certification at the last minute so I’m hanging out an extra couple of hours waiting for her.  Not to bad, it’s giving my footsies a chance to recover from a day of pounding the pavement.

Today I made good on my promise to myself to get to know a new area of town.  I recruited a little help from the Foods of New York tour company and headed down to Greenwich Village for a day of exploring and eating.

Caution from this point on this post is pretty photo heavy, totally ok to bail at this point, no really it won’t hurt my feelings, glad you came in the first place.

Here’s the thing about New York…sometimes at least for me it’s hard to tell the good from the bad. Example Joe’s Pizzaoutside and inside average if not nearing the edge of run-down looking, but the pizza oh my!  this is real pizza kids no fancy toppings, cheese and pepperoni by the slice, to die for, were it not the first stop on our little journey I would have eaten 3 more slices.

Next it was on to Faicco’s Pork Store,  yes Pork store,  chops, bacon, handmade sausage you name it if it comes from the pig they have it, plus a great supply of cheeses and prepared food.  Here we had rice balls, yes friends, I ate rice— but only because it was mixed with about 5 different creamy cheeses and then deep fried.Faiccos is the far left and this picture is really about the 3 federal row houses that have been around since 1860 or so.  In the middle is Aphrodisia a small lovely spice shop that is sadly closing it’s doors due to a rent hike after 40 years, the smells as you can imagine were amazing!

Down another street we passed Po Mario Batali restaurant before he became the mega-star chef he is now, walked into a jazz club for a little history on the beatnik culture, walked past a former carriage house where a trust fund kid was ripping out the foundation to put a swimming pool and other renovations to the tune of $32 million bucks.  Apparently he’s not suffering from the poor economy.

Then it was on to Palma where we were welcomed past the main restaurant through the garden and into the private dining area housed in a gorgeous home, and had a conversation with Walter the chef(walter who has traveled everywhere and worked in um — the white house! talk about chef cred—). Sorry just a pic of the board here, the feeling was so intimate, I didn’t think it was appropriate to take photos.

We ate this most amazing cauliflower dish, already I’m a fan of cauliflower it’s in my top 3 veggies, but this dish was in a whole different dimension from your everyday cauliflower.  I think I will have to try the recipe (as much as he would divulge when I get home) it was a lovely mix of cauliflower, pine nuts, currents and with a little flavor of caramelized onion mixed in. I loved it so much we’re headed back for dinner tonight.

Then it was on to Soy and Sake, a completely vegetarian asian place, where many meat-like things like this chinese pork and wonton were made out of gluten to look and ‘taste’ like meat.  Those of you who know me well can guess this was not my favorite spot on the tour.

Next up Milk and Cookies…seriously could there be(go ahead say with your ‘Chandler voice) a better name for a pastry shop that specializes in cookies.  Their choc chip is pretty darn good, right up there with Heather’s (sorry girl, but they were good)

Then we went for a little tour in the residential area…speaking of Chandler, if you stay up late at night and watch friends reruns like I do to try and fall asleep than this building might look familiar.

or you have 13.2 or so million doors and want to buy a home with some history, perhaps you might pick up this little gem from Tom and Gisellethen it was on to gelato and then some cheese from the cheese mecca ‘Murray’s Cheeses’

This is just the family of blue cheeses, there were 6 or 7 more cases just like this.We rounded out the tour with cannoli, yum. No pics because my hands were to full of yummy goodness.

Are you still here? Give yourself a gold star!


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5 responses to “Yumm-o

  1. wow. you had me at: creamy cheeses and then deep fried. oh wait, you had me at all cheeses. looks like a delish adventure indeed. glad you are enjoying!

  2. Mary Kay Seckinger

    WHAT? Take me to Soy and Sake, NOW. Yum. Glad you had so much fun; that sounds like a fab tour I need to take. Wonder if they have an all-veggie foodie tour?

  3. Houston

    I’m starving now… you must take me with you next time. Oh and C wants to check out that pork shop, you know how is about his pork products. Drove by your place yesterday and saw no signs of a craft burglar and you know how paranoid I am… I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures when you come home, enjoy the rest of the trip!

  4. disa

    Great pics! NY is so much fun! I hope to go back someday. Have a great time.

  5. love new york city!!! your little tour reminded me anew! and i totally agree about looks being deceiving … there’s a little pizza place in queens that looks like the health department should close in on it any day, but the garlic knots were out of this world!! thanks for the tour!

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