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Olympic Spirit

I have so loved watching the Olympics this year…even the nationalistic approach of NBC isn’t on my nerves as much as in years past.  I can’t even begin to understand how much dedication and heart it takes to compete at such a level.

This year I’ve laughed(at the silliness of Bob Costas arriving by float plane, seriously), cheered, shaken my head in awe at snowboarders on the half pipe, and  thanks to NBC and the set up of Dan Jansen before the Canadian skater last night cried my little heart out.

This year it has really hit home that the difference between gold, silver and even 4th place is often mere fraction of second.  It’s such a testament to being in it to do your personal best, since no one can really predict that you own slight turn of a ski will result in losing those precious millisecond.

On the way home I heard this little bit on the radio, that had my laughing over Jerry Sienfeld’s take on the silver medal


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Hooray for Middle School Math teachers

First Columbine

then Bailey

now Deer Creek…

What possesses a person to go into a school and start shooting. After Columbine and others, I know that lots of research and funding has gone into anti-bullying and prevention/school safety efforts. Which is great…but leaves me thinking what else can be done. Thankfully this time, no students lost their lives and the shooter is in custody.  There is part of me that hopes this man was high on something although from reports it doesn’t sound that way. Why? at least then there would be some reason and under the influence would exclude rational thought. The polly-anna in me just doesn’t want to believe that a rational thinking individual could do something like this. For those of you that know me, you know that polly only exists in my mind. In reality, I am a risk management guru all about keeping kids safe…designing lockdown drills, researching pedophiles, preparing staff and youth for other crisis situations. But these kind of situations rock my world, because I know that despite all of our best intentions and practices we can’t prevent a situation like this, only take precautions to minimize the impact and live with the consequences. Thank goodness for quick acting teachers that put those precautions into action and minimized the damage.


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Ode to Border Punches Redeux

I’ve had an idea for a series of tutorials floating around in my head the past couple of days…

and while this post is not part of the series, I still have much thinking and planning to do, I did think about the one tutorial I did about 6 months ago for Kraft Girl Kits(now closed 😦 )

I pulled up to get a feel for what to do differently…lighting, camera angle, avoid cheesy intro, perhaps even use this as an excuse to get a manicure.  Since it was up I thought heck why not repost on the blog now that a few more people come to read…

So here goes…my first tutorial video all about getting the most out of your border punches by making paper lace


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Hooray for President’s Day

For so many years I worked places that didn’t believe in celebrating this day as a holiday, but now…

wohoo!  it comes at the perfect time just as the blahs of February start to set in.  Not that I have done anything particularly meaningful today, but it’s been nice to have an extra day…at least my bathroom is cleaner for it…and an extra load of laundry is in the wash…

brownies are next on the agenda

and then maybe a little more scrapping…it’s week 7 of the DYL class and I’m only a couple of layouts behind, better than I would have predicted. Now I’ve made it this far I have a system and a schedule that seems to be working.  Hope I didn’t just jinx it…

Here’s a layout from week 5 that I haven’t shared yet…

I didn’t think I was going to be able to use this pattern from BG, but it turns out it’s pretty perfect on a page about tinker toys.


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I admit it…I didn’t pick a 2010 word, nor did I pick one in 2009 or 2008 or 2007 when it became scrappy chic to do so. Selecting a word seemed to fall dangerously close to positive affirmations, self-help type stuff that works marvelously well for others but just seems to make my head hurt.

I was content to carry on throughout the year with a word to focus on — until— January’s studio calico kit arrived full of scrappy goodness including a maya road scallop chipboard album.  Since I’m still in the phase that has me running from mini-albums like Apollo Ono on the short track, I immediately thought of making a banner to spruce up the winter decorating hum-drum.  After all I really loved my fall banner and the mantel just hasn’t been the same since I took it down.

Enter the problem of not having a chosen a word, I was without something to make a banner about.  Yes, I guess I could have just decorated with pretties, but that seemed silly, or my name except that my name has more letters than I had banner pieces and it might be a touch egomaniacish to hang a banner with my name on it in the middle of the living room -even if the only person that sees it is the dog – it’s not like I need reminded of my name.  So without an idea, the coasters sat, and sat, and this week February kit arrived and still nothing done in the banner area.  I guess it’s time to think about a word after all.

And so I did, and did some more when several others with more than 6 letters came into my head.  Surely this is not the methodology power bloggers like Ali E and Christina Kane would recommend when selecting the word that will define your life for the next year, pretty sure their inspirational ideas did not include ‘must be able to fit on a banner made of chipboard to be displayed in your living room’  although it makes this blogger wonder what words others would choose if there were such a requirement.

So with the six letter limit in mind, I thought and I thought and then it hit me…THRIVE.  I think there is still a little NYC lingering in me,  when I’m there I feel like I’m thriving and I want to remember what that feels like when I’m back in my cozy simple life.

A visual reminder that eating girl scout cookies and getting a high score on bejeweled blitz is not thriving (even though they both feel pretty good).  It will take some work to define what thriving really means, but until I figure that part out, I have something pretty to look at.

so to make this lovely I combined various bits and pieces from the kit, with things I had lying around

to make the letter pieces and then alternated them with some lovely embellishment squares from the Artsy Urban line from GCD.  I’ve eyed these babies for some time so glad to have a project to justify buying them.

and a little letter detail…for the base I painted all the coasters white and on the second coat I pounced a wadded up section of tissue paper to give it dimension and then added some Tattered Angels Mists in Blue Skies, Tattered Leather and Coffee.I love that this project had me digging through my stash to find goodies like the prima transparency, making memories stick pins and misc flowers.


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Friday Fill-ins

Wow how did it get to be Friday already, time flies when you’re blogging everyday…

1. Pickles = gross (exception for deli dill pickles that are on the side on a sandwich).
2. _Happiest___ at home.
3. The snow is _beautiful when I don’t have to go anywhere and annoying at all other times_________.
4. There is wisdom in nature.
5. It’s 5:16 PM; that means _it’s past time to go home_.
6. _A good friend_______ is hard to find.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to watch the opening ceremonies_____, tomorrow my plans include _scrapping____ and Sunday, I want to _spend time with family____!

And today’s layout…I’d say that Early Bird was my ‘must have’ scrappy line from 2009.  Even though I made some of my favorite layouts with it, I still have lots left in my stash. Perfect for this page about making holiday cookies!


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sometimes in life, it’s the little things that add up to happiness like…

a good hair day

library fines forgiven

scrappy supplies in the mail

discovering a great new song

hearing an old great song and remembering how much you love it

a happy dog who cheerfully greets you

friendly emergency vets that charge visit fees when you take your garbage dog in because he won’t stop gagging until you get to the vet and then he’s miraculously fine

finishing a layout like this one and thinking ‘hey, that turned out pretty cool‘…

Since I did two weeks of DYL together I’m not sure if this sketch is from week 5 or 6,  I suppose it doesn’t really matter since I love it so much. A bonus I finally found something to use the doily rub-ons I’ve been hoarding for months.


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Project 12

In the scrapping world there’s always a new challenge out there…

Popular ones are Photo a day and Layout a Day both are way to much of a commitment for this go with the flow girl.  I totally admire people who not only do these challenges but manage to blog about them.  I guess that’s probably why they’re in the Top 50 scrapbooking blogs, and this little blog is #5240.

If you’ve been reading awhile you know I’ve even struggled with the thought of taking a 12 week class. It’s just not my cup of tea. Then I started to see pages on a challenge dreamed up by Davinie @ Studio Calico and now Scrapbook&Cards today.  Do one page a month that shows off the highlights of that month.

I can do that

I CAN do that

Thankfully January was a full month with a few fun things to really highlight, who knows what February will bring…maybe girl scout cookies.

I used a DYL sketch so that made it even easier…

Most supplies are from the January Studio Calico kit…love this kit! The flower comes from the Tinsel Trading Company store I found in NYC!


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This is one of the few non DYL layouts I’ve done in the weeks since I started the class.

When your camera is an appendage like mine sometimes you forget the gems like this one you’ve captured until you get around to downloading the card.  This is life beyond the pigtails, smiles and laughter and a glimpse of the spirited, independent child S is becoming.

Everything is from the fabulous January kit from Studio Calico — Whodunit.  The yellow circles came from a great BG paper and reminded me of flashbulbs going off. Believe it or not I was trying not to get them so symmetrical and thought I’d done a pretty good job until I took the picture.

February’s kit is scheduled to hit my door step today , as much as I love getting new goodies, this month I wish I had a little more time to play with January’s.  I know it’s not going anywhere, but I feel like I’m just starting to hit my groove with it.


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Hey, it’s Monday

and regular readers know there’s a good chance of something crafty going on display since most weekends I find a little time to squeeze in some paper play. and they would be right.

I was looking at my archive totals yesterday and saw 25 for last February, holy cow!  Then I remembered I was trying to make a run at blog everyday for a month that was an 09 resolution, clearly I fell short but I did make in May.  It got me to think, 25 is a lot, but I wonder it I could at least blog something crafty each day this week.  So that’s the challenge, wish me luck.

Here’s today’s layout…it comes from Week 4 of the Design Your Life class where the topic was still repetition

Depending on how long you’ve been scrapbooking you may recognize this paper, those of you like me who have been scrapping since dinosaurs roamed the earth will see one of Basic Grey’s first lines.  Newer to scrapbooking will see what BG re-released as Vintage paper this fall.  This is from the first run and has been in my stash oh these many years.  Thanks to a challenge on Studio Calico, I brought it out and thought it worked great with this sketch and photos.


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