Friday in NYC Part II

It’s amazing how fast life gets back to normal and suddenly one rent check is due and a lovely vacation seems like it was weeks ago.

I wanted to record the last part of the trip before I forget just about everything…

So after my jaunt through midtown I was reminded of  a valuable lesson in the difference between a local and an express train, get on the wrong one and you may find yourself, as I did, in Queens.  Not to worry, up a set of stairs, back down an other, a few minutes wait and I’m back in the right direction.  A quick stop in the hotel room to drop of my precious ribbon treasures and I headed off for a photo tour of Central Park.  If you read my post a couple of days ago you might remember it was freezing on Friday, so much so I kept checking my phone throughout the day thinking the tour would be canceled, it wasn’t canceled but I was the only one that showed up, still my guide and I took a jaunt through the park…Lora my guide is a pro photog so she had some great tips on taking photos and even encouraged me to get over my laziness and shoot in manual.  Here are a few of my favorite shots…

Even though it was cold, there wasn’t much snow, except in one section of the park where they were making snow…maybe for a movie, I loved the crystal look on the trees around the area.

After the park it was finally time for some fun with my sister.  We headed to the Theatre District.  First stop the Gershwin Theatre to see if there were tickets available for a little show you might have heard of:

We didn’t have high hopes, it was 6 o’clock on a Friday night and we were hoping for the show at 8. But the musical theatre gods were with use and my lovely sister treated me to the show —- yep I’m a lucky girl— We grabbed a quick bite at our favorite family Italian restaurant Trattoria Trecolori in the theatre district.  This place is seriously good, we found it on our last trip and it was our first stop on Wednesday and again on Friday.  Yep that good. Then back to the theatre for the show. A-MAZ-ING! is the only way to describe the show.  If the national tour comes to your town you must see this show, to see it on Broadway was beyond description.  A great way to end the trip!

Now time to start saving for the next trip!


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4 responses to “Friday in NYC Part II

  1. Mary Kay

    Sigh. Sounds like so much fun!

  2. a great wrap-up c. cheers to manual.

  3. gorgeous pics from central park – and it sounds like your trip had a perfect ending. =)

  4. broadway, central park…. ahhh sounds dreamy:)

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