A Glimpse of Me

Those of you who know me in real life know I can be kind of random, ok maybe more than kind of…

I thought it would be a fun little post if nothing else than to serve as a piece of journaling for a future scrapbook layout to actual document some of the random thoughts that have been flowing in my head since I woke up about two hours ago and before the serious work of the day begins

  • still thinking about pudding pops
  • there should be a policy that if those in high ranking political offices (president, vp, senate, etc) host/attend a fundraiser for others (individual/party/pac) that cost uber amounts of cash that same politician must hold a  meeting open to the public in the same town on the same day
  • why is someone trying to spoil my special K diet by putting out chocolate covered macadamia nuts this early in the morning
  • hey, who got to go to Hawaii to get macadamia nuts?
  • how can I communicate better with teacher X so they don’t miss critical things
  • did I brush my teeth, yes I’m sure I did, but…
  • oops, forgot to take off peeling nail polish again
  • Ray Lamontagne’s ‘let it be me’ is much to mellow to be aired on am drive time radio
  • i’m thinking white socks weren’t the best choice today
  • i really, really need to wash my car, so glad that car is a honda


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7 responses to “A Glimpse of Me

  1. OH, too funny! This sounds like my brain in the morning! Or you know… all the time! 😉 This post was really fun!

  2. disa

    you are too funny. thanks for sharing your brain!

  3. Hehehe!
    I love the way your mind works, thanks for sharing a glimpse!

  4. Mary Kay

    Madeline’s response? “I have dirt on my arm.” Remind me to explain sometime.

  5. Love your random thoughts!! Glad my car is a honda, too!

  6. Are you wearing white socks with black pants?
    Too funny:)

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