Hooray for President’s Day

For so many years I worked places that didn’t believe in celebrating this day as a holiday, but now…

wohoo!  it comes at the perfect time just as the blahs of February start to set in.  Not that I have done anything particularly meaningful today, but it’s been nice to have an extra day…at least my bathroom is cleaner for it…and an extra load of laundry is in the wash…

brownies are next on the agenda

and then maybe a little more scrapping…it’s week 7 of the DYL class and I’m only a couple of layouts behind, better than I would have predicted. Now I’ve made it this far I have a system and a schedule that seems to be working.  Hope I didn’t just jinx it…

Here’s a layout from week 5 that I haven’t shared yet…

I didn’t think I was going to be able to use this pattern from BG, but it turns out it’s pretty perfect on a page about tinker toys.


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3 responses to “Hooray for President’s Day

  1. this is great, love the polka dots naturally. a great one for tinker toys. cheers to you for the extra day.

  2. Fabulous! This one rocks!

  3. love that title – great page!

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