Ode to Border Punches Redeux

I’ve had an idea for a series of tutorials floating around in my head the past couple of days…

and while this post is not part of the series, I still have much thinking and planning to do, I did think about the one tutorial I did about 6 months ago for Kraft Girl Kits(now closed 😦 )

I pulled up to get a feel for what to do differently…lighting, camera angle, avoid cheesy intro, perhaps even use this as an excuse to get a manicure.  Since it was up I thought heck why not repost on the blog now that a few more people come to read…

So here goes…my first tutorial video all about getting the most out of your border punches by making paper lace


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6 responses to “Ode to Border Punches Redeux

  1. Debbie

    great tutorial !~ can’t wait to pull out my punches =)

  2. yes, yes, YES more video tutorials. this is great! wish i had more punches. the best i’ve done is a pdf tutorial, i suck. cheers to you c! i have punch envy now.

  3. This was really neat! Thank you for taking the time! 🙂

  4. Thanks for the tutorial!!!!

  5. Great tutorial! I love all the different punches you used.

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