Hooray for Middle School Math teachers

First Columbine

then Bailey

now Deer Creek…

What possesses a person to go into a school and start shooting. After Columbine and others, I know that lots of research and funding has gone into anti-bullying and prevention/school safety efforts. Which is great…but leaves me thinking what else can be done. Thankfully this time, no students lost their lives and the shooter is in custody.  There is part of me that hopes this man was high on something although from reports it doesn’t sound that way. Why? at least then there would be some reason and under the influence would exclude rational thought. The polly-anna in me just doesn’t want to believe that a rational thinking individual could do something like this. For those of you that know me, you know that polly only exists in my mind. In reality, I am a risk management guru all about keeping kids safe…designing lockdown drills, researching pedophiles, preparing staff and youth for other crisis situations. But these kind of situations rock my world, because I know that despite all of our best intentions and practices we can’t prevent a situation like this, only take precautions to minimize the impact and live with the consequences. Thank goodness for quick acting teachers that put those precautions into action and minimized the damage.


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2 responses to “Hooray for Middle School Math teachers

  1. I’m miffed by this too. Way too close to home and I have a kid just a couple years away from middle school. Scary as heck.

  2. Houston

    Scary doesn’t even begin to describe how this makes me feel. It’s a reminder that everyday is precious.

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