Olympic Spirit

I have so loved watching the Olympics this year…even the nationalistic approach of NBC isn’t on my nerves as much as in years past.  I can’t even begin to understand how much dedication and heart it takes to compete at such a level.

This year I’ve laughed(at the silliness of Bob Costas arriving by float plane, seriously), cheered, shaken my head in awe at snowboarders on the half pipe, and  thanks to NBC and the set up of Dan Jansen before the Canadian skater last night cried my little heart out.

This year it has really hit home that the difference between gold, silver and even 4th place is often mere fraction of second.  It’s such a testament to being in it to do your personal best, since no one can really predict that you own slight turn of a ski will result in losing those precious millisecond.

On the way home I heard this little bit on the radio, that had my laughing over Jerry Sienfeld’s take on the silver medal


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2 responses to “Olympic Spirit

  1. I totally agree! We watch every night (I DVR it so we can watch the entire thing). Mr. C teases me because I even love curling. ;oD

  2. Debbie

    that bit is great !~ saw him live, awesome guy

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