Arrgh…Phone Books

they are my nemisis

as soon as you recycle one another shows up it it’s place, it’s like they’re breeding in the bushes and sadly there are no phone book predators to thin the herd.

until now…

Introducing Colorado HB 1068 to fine phone book publishers for delivering unwanted books. As much as I hate these books I can’t help but wonder and hope state legislators have better things to do with their time like I don’t know um…balance a budget, fund education, create jobs…not fight phone books.

The good news in the process of listening to this story I learned you can opt out of phone books. The Dex folks claim to make it easy at this website  I thought it was a little confusing, but then again I was looking for a giant button that said click here to never ever receive a book again, instead I had to request books at a 0 quantity or at least I *think* that’s what I supposed to do. Time will tell.  Yellow Pages was a little easier at this site  Note: both sites collect full name, phone, address and email which I think could lead to some sneaky business along the lines of direct/mass marketing.  I sacrificed Tanner for the cause and if Tanner DaDog suddenly starts receiving mail then we’ll know, for now I’ll just cross my fingers and hope my battle with phone books is victorious.

And this concludes your PSA for this month…


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5 responses to “Arrgh…Phone Books

  1. I LOVE it! We totally need phone book predators! Can you imagine? I picture that book creature from Harry Potter… anyways, love your posts – you have such a great sense of humor. Thanks for the laughs that are always needed here! ((hugs))

  2. put me in the hater of phone books camp too. the first thing that popped into my head was telling you to opt out but luckily you have mentioned the info on how to. i was so happy when i found that info. in a world of trying to declutter, this is just another way to free the world of that. thanks for the great laughs c!

  3. Mary Kay

    Don’t think it will pass– advertisers are too large and vocal a group, and they depend on the exposure. Will pass on your comments about Dex’s process.

  4. You are so funny. The hubs and I were just talking about this the other night! HAAAA!

  5. Houston

    Poor T… dog sacrifice… what is the world coming to? Although Edgar W Dog may stop getting the phone book too.

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