Cathy Z made me do it…

a little note to my non-scrappy readers, I know you may not know who Cathy Z is but here’s a little frame of reference with Martha (yes that Martha) needs a scrapbook expert for her shows or mag she calls Cathy Z. So just like that old commercial when she talks, people listen.

She’s been virtually teaching the ‘Design Your Life’ class I’ve been referring to for oh these many weeks now and this week she mentioned ‘if your scrapping in the 12×12 format (which I do and have since dinosaurs roamed the earth) then you should really invest in a wide format printer’. I thought ‘oh wouldn’t that be nice‘, maybe when I win the lottery (just a good scratch ticket will do) I can get one, but for now I’m pretty sure they’re out of my budget, for now I’ll just keep dreaming.

Sunday morning I realize my printer is out of ink and photo paper, so off I head to office depot and I decide to venture down the printer aisle to see what kind of scratch ticket I should be playing for…when there it is

the HP Officejet 7000 on sale for $150! I thought that’s too good to be true, that printer must suck or something and came home. But like a good dessert I couldn’t get it out of my mind and since I bought the wrong color for my printer and had to go back anyway I decided to look up the reviews on this bad boy…to my surprise 17 5 star reviews and many other positive comments, that added to HP printers and I usually get along pretty well, I skipped back to Office Depot and returned with my new friend.

I even put it right to work on this layout…

so great to be able to run a full 12×12 piece of paper through the printer.  Sorry for the blurry photo, my hand must have been shaking from the excitement.

I also love this layout because it let me use two small scraps of paper, yet again justifying my need to save just about everything.


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11 responses to “Cathy Z made me do it…

  1. i had a similar experience at office max about a year ago..went in for ink, came out with a new HP. it’s been an ongoing love affair ever since. have fun with that new bad boy! 🙂

  2. I LOVE that layout! The colors and photo are Gorgeous!!! Thanks for the review of the printer..I have also been looking at HP’s and I am going to definitely check this one out. Have a great weekend!

  3. Nicole Harper

    the layout is beautiful…and i had no idea that 12×12 printers were so resonable!! may have to check them out next time i’m at Staples, lol!!

  4. It’s among the prettiest LOs I’ve ever seen! I’m in looove with it! 😀

  5. Mary Kay

    That LO is stunning; have you submitted it yet?

    I have my eye on a new Epson, but maybe I should consider wide format. It needs to be wireless, though, as our various computers get cranky when left on all the time.

  6. GREEN with envy right now. i love HP products and WOWSERS, what a great price – wonder how long the sale is? cheers to you c.

  7. Good for you!!!! What a great price too! Wooohooo!

  8. This LO is one of my faves of yours hands down! Congrats on the new printer – isn’t it great to be able to do that? I have a very old wide format HP that I adore for this, so I can’t wait to see what great ideas you come up for me to lift! Thanks in advance!

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